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Honey Badger Rules of Parenting or Coaching

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One more article....love all of this....especially towards the end when it talks about it being a good thing for your kids to know you are a "little off":

#10) Be a little Crazy and Unpredictable.  The older kids get, the bigger issues they face. It’s not all white picket fences and lemonade stands.  Making sure that your kid knows you are a little “off”  is not a bad thing. Your kids AND their friends should know that you are NOT beyond showing up to check on them, sitting in their classroom, reading their email, commenting on their facebook or generally being a pain in their side until they are grown.

I have met parents who actually say that they would NEVER embarrass their child or “check up on them.”  Crazy Talk. I make a Point to do those things.  It pays off.  Just last week,  I pulled up next to a group of 13 year old boys.  I recognized a few of them as boys my son knows from school. One of the boys thought it would be funny to “play” around in front of my car and block me from movng forward.  Ironically, when I got out of my car to tell him to knock it off, another boy recognized me, turned to his buddy in a hurry and said, “Dude, that’s Reece’s Mom. She isn’t playin’.  Stop it.”   And he did. I got back in my car and watched the boys move on down the road without incident.  Why? Well, apparently at least one kid had NO idea what I might do but he knew I would do something. Perfect. For that moment, I sighed and thought, “Chalk one up for all the Honey Badger Moms in the world….”

We are so thankful that our second daughter, Lillian Elizabeth "Lily", was born healthy and happy on February 11, 2013.  We love her to pieces.  

We lost our first daughter, Hannah Grace on May 4, 2011.  She was buried on May 14 during a beautiful service at my home church. We are grateful that if she could not be here with us, that she is healed and whole with the Lord. We look forward to the day when we will get to meet her. We love her so much.

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