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Anyone try silk liners?

I just came across these and they claim they help with yeast diaper rashes etc. ?Just wondering if they're worth a try? ?TIA!
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Re: Anyone try silk liners?

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    I've never tried them myself (I'd never heard of it before you posted this) but I looked it up on a diaper making board and here's what I found out:

    Raw silk or Silk Noil is apparently a phenomenal inner layer/ liner for keeping away rashes. Something about silk having natural healing properties (there was no further explanation about this but it was mentioned multiple times). Some mammas swore it was the only thing they could use on their dc's senstive bums.

    It's very strong and durable and holds up to vigorous wash schedules. 

    It's the only natural fibered wicking layer. I didn't think there was one!


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