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UppaBaby Vista for 2u2?

Hi! I am due in August. DD will be 16-16.5 months when LO is due. We have the Uppa Baby Vista and I love it. Has anyone used it with two? I know it converts but doesn't seem high on the recommended list. Any help would be much appreciated!

Re: UppaBaby Vista for 2u2?

  • My girls are 15 months apart and we got the rumble seat. I really like it. It was really easy with the infant carrier and my girls are 2 1/2 yrs and 16 months now and we still use it a lot with both the seats.
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  • I had a Vista which I sold after DS was born and regretted it bigtime.  I have a Versa now though which I do like.  Anyways, I think the Vista with Rumble Seat is a great part time double but it's harder if you walk a lot outside, etc.  I have a double BOB which is great for walks. etc and then a Versa with rumble seat in my car.  Its a perfect combo for me.  I couldn't have gotten away with the Vista fulltime as I walk for exercise and need 2 reclining seats.  
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  • I adore the Uppa Baby Vista as a single stroller, but didn't like it at all as a double using the rumble seat.  It was hard to steer and push, but mostly my son hated sitting in the rumble seat because he was squished and could see anything.  I still have it , but bought the  Baby Jogger City Select, which I love!!
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  • Thanks for the input!
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