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Pick a hospital or a doctor?

When I moved to NYC 4 years ago I just went to an OBGYN my girlfriends did. I assumed I would stick with her and whatever hospital she was associated with when I got pregnant. She delivers at Beth Israel on 17th and 1st, which is only 30 blocks south from my apt. But now I'm seeing that a lot of people pick the hospital they wanna be at and work their way backwards. How do you decide what hospital you want to deliver at? Im pretty laid back with who my doctors usually are (I rarely stop seeing anyone unless I move) so what should I be looking into? Any advice on what to look for in a hospital or anything that may help me figure this out is greatly appreciated.

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  • For me, the two had to go hand in hand. I wanted a hospital with a low c-section rate as well as one that had the option of being as drug-free and intervention-free as I wanted but knowing that I was in a hospital (as opposed to a birth center) where if I or the baby needed immediate medical attention, we wouldn't have to be moved. In my doctor, I've always preferred female OBGYNs (I guess I feel they know what I'm going through). It was also vital to me to have someone whom I felt I could ask anything and whose office was easy to deal with. 

    I found Dr. Katrina Bradley's practice, and she delivers at St. Luke's Roosevelt. I've been extremely happy with both. 
  • Both go hand in hand. Chose Cornell Weil since I was older and its the best. I am pretty laid back too. Which is why I feel very lucky to have fallen into the recommendation from my SIL. One of the most important decisions youll ever make.
  • For me my insurance only covered Lenox hill, Beth Israel, and some south Brooklyn hospitals. I'm in Williamsburg so Beth Israel made the most sense. Plus they have a low c-sec rate, promote breast feeding, and encourage the babies to room in with mothers. All important to me. I highly recommend their midwives. Especially Jackie Lewis, Susanne haas, and Joyce griffin. Joyce was there for my delivery.
  • Before getting pregnant, I also assumed by gynecologist, who was in my neighborhood, would deliver me.  Unfortunately, she only delivered 70 streets away, which (when you are experiencing contractions) is very very far.  So I chose the hospital that was 6 blocks from where I live, and then I chose the doctor based on that.  I think that was the right thing to do, because when I delivered, it was so convenient for all of us (and our families) to make trips back and forth to the hospital.
  • I am a doula and childbirth educator.  If you have strong feelings on birth then you have to find a doctor who is on board with this, if you don't really care, which is also totally fine, and when I mean don't care I mean you are happy to get epidural, have no wish to have natural birth then I would say hospital.  If you are hoping to go without an epidural then you want to make sure you have a doctor who is on board with this and will actively help you with things like letting you not have fetal monitor on all the time or not having an IV if you don't need one, these things will make a difference during labor. There is no judgement on what type of birth you see for you, so think about what make sense for you. Epidurals are great for some and not so for others.
    good luck!
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