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Introduction with some anxiety

I have been creeping here for awhile and I thought I would introduce myself. I am a first time mom with my second baby. My baby boy Carson was born on 12/1/2013 (2 weeks early) at 6:15 am after 30 hours of labor. As I said this is my second child, my husband and I lost our first baby ( a little girl we named Grace) late in our last pregnancy. We deliverd her on 11/13/2012. That being said this pregnancy and baby has me feeling some anxiety. I am constantly worried that I am doing something wrong that may impact him as he grows up. I know I am blessed this time around to have a healthy baby boy who is growing well so far. However, I feel very anxious and keep waiting for something to go wrong. Anyone else feel this way? And incase anyone is wondering I have been proactive and have already talk to my doctor about this and have been put on meds for a mild case of ppd.

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  • I have not been there (though I think everyone is a bit anxious about making sure we're doing the best for our babies) , but I am so sorry for your previous loss. I know that there are some girls in here that have had a loss that may be able to relate. I also noticed that there is a parenting after a loss group on here as well that could be helpful.

    Congratulations on your rainbow baby! I am very glad to hear that he is healthy and you are being proactive in your feelings and have taken this up with your doctor. I think you're doing a great job.

    Welcome to D13!

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  • Hi there and welcome. I am so sorry for your previous loss. I have lost two little ones, although never one in late pregnancy. I cannot imagine that. I have felt anxious since I saw that positive pregnancy test. I kept thinking if I got to certain milestones, I'd be able to breath again. First it was 8 wks (my previous loss point), then 12 wks, then 24 wks, etc etc etc. Now I find myself jumping out of bed to make sure Trevor is breathing. I think it's normal what you're feeling, especially after a loss. I'm glad you've been proactive and spoken with your doctor. Just try to relax and enjoy your sweet baby. Our saying on the PgAL board is: "Today our babies are healthy and we love them." Just tell yourself that whenever you start to worry. You've got this momma! Welcome!

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  • *HUGS* so sorry for your loss! but congratulations on your rainbow and welcome :)
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  • Sorry for your loss, and congratulations on your baby boy. I think everyone feels anxiety making sure baby is ok. I know I always worry that I'm doing everything right.
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