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XP: drop this feeding?

I'm curious about dropping an evening feeding and here's why... LO has her last bottle at daycare around 3:30. Usually, we get home and she nurses around 6pm, then has solid dinner and then nurses again at about 7:30ish, sometimes 8, for bedtime. I'm wondering if I should drop the 6pm feeding and just feed her solids and then nurse her at bedtime as usual. Sometimes she barely seems to nurse very long at that 6pm feeding, sometimes she does eat more. Sometimes the bedtime one is light and sometimes it's not. It's weird. I just feel like she's basically eating for 2 hours straight when we get home. LOL Any thoughts? She's 9 months. She gets 6 feedings a day counting that before dinner nursing session.

My concern if we drop the feeding is that she won't nurse as long at bedtime after her solids and won't get as much breastmilk as I'd like. We're in the process of transitioning to formula during the day, so the breastmilk she does get is more important now. We're moving to formula during the day b/c I can't quite keep up supply with pumping.
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