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When did your baby wean?

I don't get a chance to post much here anymore, forgive me. But I'd hoped to hear some stories of encouragement/commiseration.

DD is 16 months and she's been down to two nursing sessions a day since around her first birthday, once in the morning and once before bed, occasionally another in the MOTN but nothing serious. Last night at bedtime she was just fooling around and bit me twice - she never bites - so I just put her to bed. She STTN and while she woke and nursed in the morning, she wasn't real serious about it. Tonight at bedtime she wouldn't nurse at all, just kept pulling my shirt back down and asking for her pacifier. So I put her to bed and now she's fast asleep.

It's been my hope that she'd wean herself, but I guess I thought it wouldn't happen so soon? What have your experiences been like? MTIA for sharing your experiences!

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Re: When did your baby wean?

  • DS weaned himself from his before bed night time nursing around 14-15ish (I think?) months. I said "do you want some milk?" and he said "no" and then refused to latch. The next night I didn't offer and he didn't ask for it, and that was the end of nursing him at bedtime.

    I had weaned him from his morning nursing session a few weeks before because he was wanting to nurse for at least an hour every morning. I finally weaned him completely at 16 and a half months. He was nursing very halfheartedly before his nap - not really getting much and easily distracted. So I just stopped offering. He only asked for it once, and was totally fine when I offered a stuffed animal and cuddles instead.
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