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Increasing length of nursing sessions?

My five month old has become the queen of mini-nursing sessions.  During the day I am lucky if she will nurse for three minutes on each side, every 2-3 hours.  She seems to get frustrated and give up on one breast and I will switch her to the other, she dives in hungrily, but then stops after another few minutes.  I have hand expressed so I know that there is still milk being produced when she stops.  I have tried nursing her in a quiet room by herself to cut down on distractions but she is distracted by EVERYTHING - a light, the dog, her hand…

At night she is still nursing 4-5 times (yeah, I'm a zombie…) and during those sessions she will nurse a little longer (maybe 10 minutes).  Any suggestions on how to get her to nurse longer during the day?  I think that part of the reason that she is up so much at night is because she isn't taking in enough calories during the day!
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Re: Increasing length of nursing sessions?

  • FTM here so this may not help but.....Can you close the door to the nursery and nurse without distractions, maybe dim the lights. I would offer her the breast more often during  the day to get better intake if she continues to mini nurse. Sounds like you need sleep and she has days and nights mixed up. Good luck.
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  • Sorry to be jumping in on this post but I'm having the same issue but have the opposite problem. My LO falls asleep long before she's full. She then wakes like 10-15 minutes later and wants to eat again. We have so many mini sessions I feel like all I do is feed. My solution so far has been to pump a bottle because it doesn't take as long for her to eat and is obviously easier for her. I've come to the point were I discussed with my dh tonight exclusively pumping. Right now it would take much less time for me to pump both sides and feed her than for her to eat til she's full from the breast. I'd prefer to keep breastfeeding but considering going with pumping.
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