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I did it! (Exercise thread)

Guys, I just finished doing this crazy thing called exercise, and it felt great! Seriously, I think my body was getting irritated with me switching from coffee to booze all day, and eating so many refined carbs. DH got me a cool adjustable kettle bell for Christmas, but it is too light. I just did a Kb workout, think I need to buy something heavier. I felt good, that was my poison before I had this kid. I feel like I put on a couple of lbs, but I'm not going to jump on the scale for a few weeks until I know the bloat is gone.

How have you guys been doing over the holidays?  Anyone super awesome and stuck with their routine?
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Re: I did it! (Exercise thread)

  • Are you just waiting for postpartum clearance @cashingn2? How old is your LO?
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  • I kind of stuck with it during the Holidays. I worked out 2 times while on vacation. I also worked out this weekend, and iam trying to make time to do it tonight as well. I, however, did not eat well at all. Now my body is paying me back in the way of pain.


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  • I did nothing over the holidays. I went to pump today and really felt it! It'll probably we the only exercise I get this week though since I am off Wed, Thurs, Fri (I usually go to the gym on my lunch break).
  • I've been pigging out for the past week. I'm going to do the cliche thing and get it in gear after NYE.

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  • Take it easy! I was surprised at just how weak I was when I started back up after the doc cleared me, especially because I was working out right up until I delivered. Birthing a baby really kicks your ass!
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  • DH and I got all the stuff to make a without room over Christmas so we just need to put it together and get to it. We are going to swap nights so every other day for each of us and we will keep each other motivated. I am so excited!

    My mom gave us their treadmill, an old TV and DVD player. I got DH a weight bench for Christmas and we got a yoga mat to lay on the floor. There is a tiny one room cabin on our property so we are using that so we cab workout while LO is asleep and not wake her.


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  • Sundae13 said:

    I've just been walking. I need to sweat.

    Same. I got a punch pass to the rec centre for Xmas though so I can go swimming again! Yay!




  • Me too @reesefox I got our meals from skinnytaste.com for the week and planned lunches instead of cafeteria food. I haven't gained, but i feel yucky.


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    @BluepointToasted I just got a set of KBs for xmas too!! I have yet to find a good KB workout to use them though.

    Good for you on the workout today!! Im working off all the holiday food and booze too. I did day 3 of Shaun T's Focus T25 today. I really like it, but im missing the weight training that Jillian offers in her work outs.
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  • DS woke me up at 4am to find his puppy. I couldn't go back to sleep... At 5 o'clock I decided to get up and work out. I was so afraid I'd be crashed out by like 11am. It's 5 and I still feel good! 

    Thanks lo what would I do with out you waking me up so early
  • I am finally back to regular exercise after my back injury and our trip to Disney (where I did workout two days at the hotel gym.) I've worked out every day since I came back and feel like I'm getting back into shape. I felt like the couple of days off here and there really set me back!
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  • I got a work-out in on Friday. That was it for last week. I eased back in today. Eating crap didn't make me feel good at all.
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  • I've started working out regularly and feel fantastic. I worked out 4 x the week before last, 3 x last week and will do 4 x again this week. I hope to get up to 5 x each week after the holiday.
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  • I loathe exercise. I never got to the point of feeling of enjoying it. I know I need to but am soooo out of shape so I am starting slow. I did manage 20 minutes on the ellipitcal two nights in a row. My legs felt like jelly this morning. Sighs.
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