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I royally screwed up :-(

So I pump at work and usually get about 13 oz which I store in the refrigerator at work then bring home in a cooler and freeze. Well Friday evening I forgot to take the milk out of the cooler. I noticed it this morning while getting my stuff ready for work. Now I'm probably grasping at straws here but is there any chance this milk could still be good? I store the milk in bags and get all the air out. I'm so mad at myself and I'm just hoping I didn't waste all this milk.

Re: I royally screwed up :-(

  • Was it still cold?
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  • If it was an insulated cooler with ice packs, it's meant to keep things cold for 8-12 hours, sometimes even 24.  If it's still cold, I'd taste and smell and then use right away if it's not sour.  If it's warm, I'd dump.
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  • The cooler was sitting out for two days so the milk gradually became room temp.
  • ILMomma said:
    The cooler was sitting out for two days so the milk gradually became room temp.

    I'd toss it.  Sorry =(


  • If it's room temp, it needs to go. :(



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  • Ahhh this sucks! I'm so mad at myself. Thanks for responding everyone.
  • So sorry! I know that hurts but I wouldn't use the milk. I lost a whole days pumping from work when my pump bag tipped over on the ride home, and the bottle tops weren't on right. ALL the milk leaked out and soaked my pump bag and carpeting in my car.

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  • I'm so sorry :( I've had this happen a couple of times, smaller amounts of milk, but totaling probably 16 oz to due to various mess-ups. It really hurts when it happens!! I now do what @ClaryPax does, I put my milk in the fridge before I even take my coat off.
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