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Best Breast Pads

Anyone have a good recommendation on breast pads that look smooth and "disappear" under clothing? Some of them look so bumpy through my shirts. This is not going to be cute when I go back to work (where I will be pumping).


Re: Best Breast Pads

  • The only solution I found to this was to buy some thicker bras. I have tried many different brands and the ones that seem to show the least were lansinoh.
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  • Do those of you that use bamboobies use the heart shaped ones or circle ones? I just searched for them on amazon and saw both.
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  • casey78 said:

    I have both but use the heart-shaped ones. They don't hold a ton, but I like them for catching extra letdown dribbles or whatnot. If I don't leak one day, I just reuse again before washing.

    Thanks. I don't really leak except for sometimes at night when she goes a long time without eating. But I've noticed that my nipples get really irritated if I don't use some sort of padding. Are the Bamboobies really soft?
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