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Please advise on my weaning situation

Hello All- my LO just turned 12 months and I had always intended to cut back breastfeeding to the first morning and bedtime feedings. LO has been exclusively breastfed up to about a week ago. I had intended on doing a very gradual weaning process but very recently got pregnant. My supply has drastically lessened and, on top of that, it seems like my LO is not interested in breastfeeding during the day. She is still very into it first thing in the am and at night so I don't think my milk has changed taste. 

My dilemma is that I need to supplement the milk that she isn't getting (or at least some of it) and I am not sure how/how much. LO is eating much more solid food, which she loves. She doesn't drink anything else, expect the seldom sip of water. I tried to give her formula for the first time ever last week (Pediatrician said I should before LO turns 1, even though she was about a week away…). LO hated the formula and I felt like we might as well just try WCM since we would be doing that soon anyway. LO also equally hated the WCM. She has tried it about 10 times, takes a sip or two and stops. 

Does anyone have advice about what I should do? Should I try to increase my supply (I really had hoped to stop pumping and cut back on bfing)? I am nervous that my LO isn't getting enough liquid though. Thanks for taking the time to read! 

Re: Please advise on my weaning situation

  • I would go with the WCM...formula just seems silly at this point.

    My daughter adjusted to WCM by mixing it with BM. So if you have any extra BM to mix, that might help. Also your LO might prefer her WCM warm, so try that too.
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  • I also mixed WCM with breastmilk while I was working on phasing out pumping.  I just added a little more WCM each day until it was all WCM and switched to sippy and straw cups.
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  • It's not necessary for her to drink any milk after 12 months if she won't. Just give her other dairy like yogurt and cheese
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  • Thanks for the recommendations ladies. 
  • i would keep trying to offer WCM (or mixed with BM if you have extra), but focus on encouraging yogurt and cheese.
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  • I would just get into the habit of offering water as often as you can, or a dairy alternative to WCM if she doesn't like the taste. 

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  • Since he was weaned at 16 and a half months, DS hasn't had anything other than. water to drink. He hates WCM, formula, skim milk, almond milk, coconut milk, etc. PPs are right - milk isn't necessary if your child is getting yogurt, cheese, and an otherwise healthy diet. But she definitely needs water! Just keep offering a sippy cup of water throughout the day. My son loves Elmo, so an Elmo sippy cup really encourages him to want to drink water.
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