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Am I being unreasonable? (Job-related)

Sorry to hound you guys with multiple posts on the same crap, but my head is spinning with this, and I need to get my shit together, lol. I'm a known over-thinker...I can't help it.

I've (almost) landed a waitressing gig at the restaurant I applied/interviewed at. They require me to work 1 daytime lunch shift during the week and they're pretty much guaranteeing me at least 2-3 dinner shifts and 1 weekend shift a week. They've been super understanding of my situation (re:availability/lack of childcare) thus far, and are pretty much just waiting on me to secure childcare and I'm set to start.

So, my predicament is that I obviously still need to find PT child care and I also have a few prior commitments next week (DS's dr appts and his first birthday party on Saturday the 11th) that are already booked, which would make it difficult for me to start work any sooner than 2 weeks from now.

I'm familiar with the office environment, in which a start date 2 weeks away is fairly normal, but for the restaurant I being unreasonable here? I guess I'll just have to run it by the manager and see, but I still wanted some opinions. TIA guys :-)

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Re: Am I being unreasonable? (Job-related)

  • I guess it depends on how desperate they are for you to start. I would think they would want to train a few shifts before they throw you right out on the floor, so maybe they can just put you on a couple training shifts for the next two weeks that wouldn't be your normal schedule.
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  • @BluepointToasted They mentioned that training would typically be 4 shifts. 2 day shifts, a dinner shift and the last I believe would be a Thursday evening shift with the head manager to be sure I'm ready to be put on the floor by myself.

    The main issue is, even for dinner shifts during the week, I need childcare. Their dinner shift starts at 4:30pm so we need care for a few hours between me going into work and DH commuting home. So I'd still be scrambling to find childcare.
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  • @Sunnydays26 Yeah, they did say they'd want me to train on the less busy lunch shifts, and that they knew weekends would be easier for me re: childcare (MH is home on weekends), they could have me train on Saturday and Sunday lunch shifts and then the following week as long as I had childcare situated I could the do the other 2 training shifts.

    So yeah...hopefully they'll be understanding about me not being able to start right away. TBH, the manager seemed pretty laid back about it, so hopefully im just being an idiot and over thinking,haha.
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