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My cousin's wife turned 40 something yesterday.

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She goes in tomorrow to be induced. She thought she was going through menopause. They have grandchildren various ages. Their (his from a previous marriage) oldest child is 31! She is in panic mode.

ETA: fat fingers and clarification.

Re: My cousin's wife turned 40 something yesterday.

  • holy cow. good luck to her!
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  • Wow! That's crazy. Easy induction dust sent her way.
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  • Wow!! A photographer I used once had serious infertility issues (like 8 miscarriages). She had 2 IVF babies who are now about 6 and 8. She is now 41, and she had a surprise pregnancy! The little bean was born Thursday
  • My family has has a few of these... one Auntie blames her husband for throwing out the lego bc the youngest was 14 at the time... surprise!
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  • I was this baby for my Mom. She had a son from a previous marriage and was told after she married my Dad that she was infertile and would never have more children. They decided to foster and adopt, and adopted three kids. Years later she thought she was having early menopause symptoms, and found out she was pregnant with me. She got checked out after having me, and they told her, once again, that she would never have more children. She got accidentally pregnant with my little brother a few years later. He is 22, I am 27, and my oldest brother (from her previous marriage) is nearly 50. 
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