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Husband's 30th birthday.

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OK guys, I need your help. My husband is turning 30 in February and I really want to do something special for him.

Have any of you planned something epic for your partners or yourselves?

He hates surprises, so anything I plan, he will know about... but I'm totally at a loss. I could do something at our home (but we've thrown a lot of parties here and want to do something out of the norm). However, renting a space seems like $$$. Of course that also means catering, etc.  Any ideas??

Re: Husband's 30th birthday.

  • For my husband's 30th we did a trip to Vegas. We invited all of his friends & their SOs and although they had to pay for their own travel we paid for their hotel rooms. It ended up being less than we would have spent on booze and food for a party and it gave him a chance to drink, eat, & gamble with his closest friends. 
  • What does your H love? Mine is a foodie, so I got a reservation at a chef's table at a great restaurant, invited a bunch of friends, and surprised him. The chef did a special menu just for him, we had wine pairings with every course, and it was perfect. He's also a fan of a local papercut artist, so I commissioned a papercut for him as well.
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