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weight gain feeling down

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Well I was on track my doctor is not concerned but I am just in the last week or so I'm 5lbs over where I should be. I am also measuring 2 weeks ahead. At my 20 week ultrasound they said I was 10 days ahead. My husband was a big baby 10lbs when he was born I was 7 and 6oz. I asked the doc if it was anything I am doing and she said no it's genetic. But I can't help but feel like my baby is going to be huge. The doc said she wouldn't be surprised if he was 9lbs. I'm small framed so this scares me. I also work out 3x a week for 45mind to an hour. Anyone else feeling down about weight gain? I know it's for the baby and I'm glad he's healthy. But I am not used to gaining weight like this I've been small my whole life and I worry the weight wont come off. I'm just feeling really down and unsexy. On top of all this the doctor told me I have varicose veins on my vagina so yeah I feel like the most unsexy women in the world :(.


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Re: weight gain feeling down

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    Weight gain has BY FAR been my biggest struggle so far with pregnancy. I feel so conditioned to reject the way I look in the mirror or the number I see on the scale that it is hard to feel ok let alone positive about it.

    I'm still in the in-between stage of looking chubby vs. pregnant. But I just feel chubby. I have a very small frame. 15 weeks along and I have gained 6lbs but it feels like 40! 

    I'm sure I'm not helping but at least you know you aren't alone!

  • Don't feel un sexy!! Embrace the bigness of your un born child!! A big baby is a healthy baby ;)
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