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2nd Trimester

Jumping on over :) and a ?

Hi everyone ! Hope you Christmas was wonderful and full of food and family :)

Im jumping over from 1st Tri and I have been mostly posting on the June board, but now that Im over 13 weeks Im hoping this is a sticky baby :)

I do have a question though....what week is normal to have your anatomy scan? My Dr is sending us around 18 weeks but with DS I was 21 weeks. Is there much difference ?
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All our babies :) xoxox

Re: Jumping on over :) and a ?

  • I've read between 18-22 weeks. My OB personally preferred 19-20 wks so I went right in the middle! If your doc believes all can be seen and measured at 18 weeks then I wouldn't worry about it. 
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  • My doctor requested I go at 19-20 weeks. Congrats

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  • Mr. dr. said he prefers closer to 20 weeks just because everything is better formed I guess. Congrats on moving over to 2nd tri!
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  • I had my anatomy scan at 18 weeks.  I was a little unsure of it because I know 20 weeks is sort of the norm but my doctor said they should be able to get proper measurements at that time anyway :]  She's a little on the bigger side so it's like I had my scan at 19 weeks anyway! lol
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  • My dr. Does them 16-18weeks. Mine was 16w4d. Most peoples are 18-20 weeks.

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  • I think you'll be fine at 18. I was 19, but I think the techs can tell earlier. Of course, everyone's baby is different!
  • I have mine scheduled this Monday and I am 18 wks.


  • Mine will be at 20w

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  • That should be fine! With my dd, we had it a little over 16 wks. This time I will be 18 wks.

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  • I had mine a little over 20 weeks
  • Mine is scheduled for week 22. I dont think I can wait that long though. I'm thinking of paying for a 3d. 
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