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Fetal movement

I was 18 weeks yesterday and still haven't really felt any movement. There's been a few little things that could maybe be flutters but I'm honestly not really sure. I wasn't too worried but then I read about people feeling outside kicks at 19 weeks! I was a little overweight before pregnancy, not much but Definitely had a little extra around my middle. I don't know if that plays into it at all. I'm sure I'm worried about nothing, it's just nice to hear other experiences.

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  • I was around 20 weeks the first time I was sure I felt it. I found out at my anatomy scan that I have an anterior placenta and that makes it harder to feel baby. My husband has still only felt the baby once and I'm almost 25 weeks. Don't worry too much, some people feel movement early and some don't.
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  • I have a posterior placenta and I felt baby internally at about 17 weeks but still don't feel her much on the outside and I'm 23 weeks now. DH has felt her a couple of times but normally if one of us puts a hand on my stomach she stops moving. Don't worry about it too much yet if you can help it. 
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  • I felt definite movement at 22 weeks... and still at that point it was mostly flutters.  By 24 weeks I felt kicks, rolls and undeniable movement.  I do have anterior placenta though.  Just know it will happen!!  Also, I am a FTM and I read that it could take longer for us to identify what it is we are feeling.

  • It's still early. Readily perceivable movement is not expected until at least 24 weeks if not third trimester.

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