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My friend just had preemie twin girls.  I can think of lots of great gift ideas, things I personally loved with my daughter, but I was wondering if there is a baby item that is really helpful with two babies? I was thinking about a Moby wrap since she could carry both of them at the same time.  Can you guys help me out?



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    Money wrap is great. I second pp on diaper, wipes and food. If the babies are still in the nicu, I bet not having to worry about dinner would be amazing for her. I kissed my friend on the lips when she brought me a tray of frozen homemade enchiladas. Or a maid.
    Ps- your a good friend!
    Eta: not money wrap! Hahaha that would be great though... MOBY WRAP!
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    They were 10 weeks early so they'll be in the hospital for some time I think. Food is a great idea for now. Thanks all!


  • 2 Miracle Blankets!!!!!!!!!
  • And I have been told snack bars like Lara bars are great and quick and easy meals they can take with them or have on hand. And help with older kids if they have it!
    As for twin specific stuff, they will need very little until they are home, might be worth asking once they get closer to that point. What a thoughtful friend you are!
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    Waiting for my buddy, s0ulchicken, to finish cooking her own twins!
  • When my twins were in the nicu, the best gifts we got were gift cards to restaurants. After they came home, it was great when people brought us dinners.
  • Also I would check to see if there are fees to park at their hospital.  Parking was free at the hospital where my son was in the NICU, but then when he was hospitalized the next year at a different hospital we had to pay for the parking garage.  They only validated one car, and my husband and I were often there in two (he would come after work, I would leave for a little bit, we just always ended up with two cars).  People handing me a few bucks here and there to help with parking was awesome - I had so much other stuff on my mind I would go to leave and completely forget about needing money for the garage. 
    It seems silly and trivial, but sometimes it is those little things that can mean so much during the stressful times.  
    And I also recommend gift cards to restaurants around the hospital.  Or better yet offering to bring food to the hospital. I spent a lot of time in between visits just hanging out alone in random corners of the hospital - I wish more people had offered to come bring me food.  But if you do this, make it known that your friend can request you leave at any time - between pumping and every 3 hour feedings, she may not want you there for long.

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  • meals, restaurant cards, or gas cards
    or offer to help with housework or pet sitting,,, etc

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  • I second the suggestion to bring food to the hospital. When my boys were there I did not take very good care of myself. It can be hard to make yourself leave to go get food and the hospital food gets old quickly and the cost starts to add up.
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