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Girl/short hair

I feel really silly about posting this...but DD is 25 months and has very short blond hair. She lost most of her hair as a baby, but I feel it is taking FOREVER to grow. The pedi never said anything and I didn't even mention to her,but I noticed that all her friends have so much hair now(even the boys that were shaved)...any inputs?
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Re: Girl/short hair

  • I have a cousin who didn't get much more hair than she had as a baby until she was 3 years old; by the time she was 5 she had fairly long hair.  I wouldn't worry about it.

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  • I know it's harder for a girl to pull off and especially now that they are a little older. But we shaved DS's hair completely off when he turned one year and it grew back thicker and more evenly all over.

    I also have a friend who all her life has sworn by Hair and Mane. It's a shampoo for horses sold at walmart, but can be found in the regular beauty/health department.

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  • My sister had really short hair until she turned 5 and then it finally started growing.  I wouldn't worry about it.
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  • I'm worried about this with DD. DS has blonde hair and once we shaved his, it did grow in thicker. But DD is 6 months old and has the same amount of hair as she had when she was born. It it hasn't grown any longer. I had blonde hair and it really didn't start growing until I was about 3.
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  • DD's hair just recently started growing more but she still has much less hair than any of the girls in her class. She has very curly blonde hair. I don't think it's anything to worry about though.
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