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Okay last PIP for tonight. C being a great big sis already...

Re: Okay last PIP for tonight. C being a great big sis already...

  • I just laughed SO HARD!

    cute matching pink pjs make the pic! lol thats awesome. you just made me a little excited to have 2 daughters!

  • Oh my gosh. That really puts it in perspective how little baby Julia is!!  That i adorable as well!!!!  :)
  • Seriously - I just need to snuggle them both.  I can't resist a little one in footie pjs!
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  • It was a fluke that they matched, J was SUPER wide awake and DH put C to bed the night before and I had no idea what she was wearing. I brough J down to take pics bacause she was so alert.

    C was being super sweet and I got TONS of amazing pictures. Some things you just can't plan.

    Shows how much they change in 18 months!

  • Jar so so so cute . . .  Can't believe how big J makes C look!!   so adorable
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  • they are sooooo cute together! Congrats on Julia - she is beautiful!
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  • Awwwwww!  *melts*
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