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Third cold in as many months

This weakened immune system thing is really starting to get old. I'm at the beginning of yet another cold. It's hard enough to sleep as it is with being pregnant. Throw in cold symptoms and it's downright miserable.

/end vent
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Re: Third cold in as many months

  • I feel you there! Sadly, it's normal and just something we get to deal with.
    The miracle of life sucks sometimes.

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  • Bummer, I had one in October for my first week of fall break and then one started yesterday, the first day of winter break. Joy.


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  • I'm on number 2 in 2 months. This one skipped my throat and went straight for the lungs. I sound like I smoke a carton a day when I cough "/ if I start laughing, it's over as far as breathing goes.
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