Pregnant after 35

Is the NT standard for those over 35?

The only test I had done when I was pregnant with my DD (i was 32) was the 18 week ultrasound.    I keep seeing posts about the NT scan, is it something they want done because of age or is it just more a standard medical test now that wasn't 3 years ago?

Re: Is the NT standard for those over 35?

  • should be standard for everyone now.  it's changed in the past two years.  it wasn't standard when i had my first in 2006 but is offered routinely, regardless of age, at the same OB office now. 
  • Actually, no one has to do anything anytime.

    It is more likely you will be offereded NT and others if you are over 35.

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  • Yeah, nothing is required, but once you're 35 or.. "OF ADVANCED MATERNAL AGE" muahahahahah!!   (so silly) - they do like to offer more in the testing dept.   I figure a NT scan is non invasive and I get to see the little booger again - so I like the idea of this one.   Some will also say that an amnio is suggested for anyone over 35.   That I disagree with - it's an invasive test and for ME anyway, unless the numbers come back suggesting it's necessary?   (Which mine did -and I *did* opt to do an amnio because of it (which also wasn't a huge deal, btw.. ))    I think it's not an absolutely necessary test.

    The thing is - as I'm sure you know - the older we get, the more chance that the egg may be a little older and there may be genetic issues.   So, understandably, the docs are going on statistics and being careful - but you always have the choice to decline a test, or even ask for one..


  • I agree, I think because what they do now is so non-invasive (just an ultrasound and bloodwork) it is more common. My doctor recommends it because of that, but does not recommend getting an amnio only because of age. He changed his mind after my 20wk appt, but only because there was then a reason to have it.
  • There is a greater likelihood of Down's Syndrome when the mother is over 35.  The NT scan is the earliest screening available for trisomy disorders (including DS) during pregnancy, since it is done around the end of the first trimester.  Is it non-invasive and gives you a probability range.  If the numbers give you a high probability of trisomy, you can have additional testing such as the CVS or amnio.

    DD1 is 3, DD2 is 1.
  • I'm not sure that amnio is recommended for over 35... more so that is when the statistics change.


    For example, our child had a much higher chance of having birth defects than the risk associated with amnio.  (Everything turned out fine on both counts.)

  • my OB does it for anyone pg in their 30's.  I had it with my first pg - at 33... and had it with this one, too. I'm 35 now.
  • My dr asked me what I wanted to do (I am 37 and it's my first). I decided to do the NT scan and bloodwork first and then see if other tests are indicated. It didn't seem required though.
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