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how old to dress self?

wondering how old your dc was when they could:

put on own jacket

put on own pants

put on socks?

Re: how old to dress self?

  • Colin can do the first 2, and we are working on socks. He has this ridiculous space between his big toe and the second toe like my dad, and it's like he's missing a toe...but anyways the sock always gets stuck there haha

    Cameron could do it by his age about 3

  • DS1 is almost 3 and he can put on and take off his pants and jackets.  He can't quite get his socks yet. He's in the whole, "I try" stage.
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  • thanks girls...i just had no idea what was age appropriate and figured i should learn this stuff!

     my son can do his jacket and just put on own pants for the first time but we haven't seriously attempted socks yet.  it seems hard!

  • lol sometimes it seems like DS's arms are too short. It's really funny to watch though.
  • DD could put her coat on by herself before she was two using the "coat flip" method.  She could put her own pants on around 2.5.  She's about 2 3/4 now and tries to get her socks on but is rarely successful.
  • DD can do the last two but we haven't attempted her coat yet. I've tried to show her the "coat flip" method but she isn't interested in the slightest. She just turned 2 in November.
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  • DD was able to put her clothes on by herself for the most part around 2.5 or so. She still has some trouble not putting both legs in one pant opening sometimes. She gets in a hurry. She mastered undressing a long time ago though...quite the stripper. ;-)

  • I think undressing about 12-18 mo.  Dressing 2.5-3.
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