2nd Trimester

"I'm just glad she doesn't look like an alien"

Is what dh said to me after today's u/s.  Apparently, she looked like an alien at my 16 week u/s, but doesn't anymore.  Dh has been so freaked out about it.

Re: "I'm just glad she doesn't look like an alien"

  • Mine looked like an alien at my 22 week u/s.  I was kind of freaked out about it but I didn't tell DH until the 32 week growth scan, where DS looked normal :)
  • That is kind of funny. Boys are weird. Cute, but weird... About half an hour ago I showed my DH the picture for the week we are in on Pregnology and the little guy had lots of vernix on him. He made his icky face and said, "get back to me in a week". I gave him the finger Big Smile!
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  • We have had about 7 u/s due to the placenta problems and so each time we get new pictures...DH doesn't really like the ones that are printed showing the face straight on because he says thats when the baby looks most like an alien.
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  • lol.

    one of the US photos we have of DS he looked like Al Roker :)  We joked about it all the time.

  • Oh and apparently she looks like Pat Morita from Karate Kid now.  I guess that's a step up from alien though.

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