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What cookwear to buy?

Im trying to shop for new cookwear.  My mom didnt want to pick it out so she wrapped up a pot with a lid that had money in it.  She gave us $100 towards a new set.  Anything over that we have to pay the difference.  I also have a $50 gift card to Target and some other Christmas money so its not a problem.  I think anything $200 and under we could do. 

What do you suggest?  I want this to last for the next 5+ years. 

Re: What cookwear to buy?

  • We just got a rachel ray set in bright orange. I love it! Nothing sticks, the covers fit well and they heat up quick! I got a great deal at the linens and things closing and only paid 80 bucks. I think they go for around 150 normally? Same as the link, but the link shows the blue


  • Farberware.
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  • Personally, I've just started buying open stock pieces of really nice cookware. I really don't use all the pots and pans that come in a set, so its just a waste. You can invest in really nice pieces that will last for awhile.IMO why spend $300 on a set that you have to replace every few years?


    I'm also trying to get rid of all my non stick stuff. As nice as it is, the coating always flakes off and that's just gross to me (and I had calphalon, so its not like I was cheaping out). 

    I have a few Le Crueset pieces that I use A LOT (like my dutch oven). I'm looking to get a couple stainless steel saucepans next.

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