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Flaky diarrhea in baby along with very severe diaper rash

My 9.5 min old son has been having very frequent poops they are actually appear to be diarrhea like but also very flaky.. It concern me that they are so flaky but also seem to be very watery the diaper soaks up all the watery stuff and hen leaves he flakes.. Due to this he has had very severe diaper rash that is obviously vet painful.. Has anyone else's baby had theses types of poops? If so.. What ended up being wrong?

Re: Flaky diarrhea in baby along with very severe diaper rash

  • Has he been eating a lot of fruit? Teething? It sounds like acid poops and those are usually the 2 culprits for us. Flaky diapers we only got from Graham crackers.
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  • He is teething his top teeth are coming in. I think he's been eating slot of graham crackers and fruit as we'll so maybe that could be it! I hope it gets better soon! It's heartbreaking to see him in pain and worrisome to see different poops suddenly
  • DD just went through this and her pedi insisted it was a stomach bug and it had to run it's course.  Apparently it's going around.  They gave me some calmeseptine for the rash which works fast and is amazing!  Don't use regular wipes on that rash because they contain alcohol and will hurt your LO. I used clean wash clothes and water and alcohol free wipes and went a size up on her diaper for her comfort.  She is also on a diet of a rotation of pedialite and soy formula (helps firm up the poop, I guess), yogurt to replace the good bacteria she's losing from the diarrhea, cheerios and toast.  It took about 9 days before her stool started to change.  

    Hope your LO feels better soon and you get the rash under control.  It was torture hearing DD scream during diaper changes because her little bum hurt so bad. :((

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