2nd Trimester

Anyone around?

We went out for a little bit, but dh was paranoid because it was so crowded and such so we decided to head home before the crowd got too drunk.  I'm kinda glad to not be out driving tonight.  I'm not scared of DH's driving of course, I'm just scared of the drunk aholes that might be out tonight.

I'm mad at Giant Eagle right now though, because I decided to get some sparkling grape juice and Kroger was sold out.  So I called ahead and they said yeah we have some in stock, but we close at 9pm.  So I get there at 8:30pm and ask Customer Service where they had the sparkling grape juice (after looking around the store and not being able to find it).  She said I don't know probably by the wine.  Argh.  Wtf.  They just built this store, so I have never been there and am not familar with the layout.  AND it was on a special display that was not even near wine.

Re: Anyone around?

  • we arent out either, its too scary.  I wanted some too but NO stores had any so I settled for grape juice and gingerale... it'll do     Have a good night honey!  Happy New Year
  • what a pain in the ass..I hate when workers have no idea where the stuff is in their own store...

    but definately smart to stay in. people are retarrrrded on nye.Party!!!

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  • I'm here. I'm grumpy cuz I haven't pooped in 3 days. And because I've been waiting since before Xmas to get 2nd tri screening and MIL keeps saying "tomorrow" but it never happens. It's irking me.
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