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Glad we have unlimited text messages

My son got his first cell phone for Christmas.  He is almost 11.   We don't have a home phone and he is home alone for an hour or so after school so he really needed a phone. 

DH works for a cell phone company so to add him to our plan was only $15 more a month.  We just checked what he has used so far in 6 days and the boy has sent 89 text messages.  I'm sure about 75 of them were to me,  but thank goodness they are all part of our plan.  

He is in NJ right now with my parents and is roaming and we have talked a few times a day.  Dh got me a smart phone for Christmas so that will be another $25 a month.  Good golly... Our cell phone bill will close to what the  "average" person spends on their monthly bill. 

He's so funny with his belt clip.  That phone is his new pride and joy.  I found it in our closet a few weeks before Christmas.  Brand new, but 5 years old.  Perfect for him. 

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