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Hello! Intro

Just wanted to re introduce myself to the last "baby board" before moving into the toodlers board!

My DD will be 9 months old Dec. 28th, so I am making the switch in boards since topics in here seem more relatable now.

DD name is Alaina Nicole. We were induced at birth, and she weighed 6 lbs 9 oz at 19.5 inches. We had an all natural child birth, vaginal and drug free.

She was our planned little angel, and while I find many challenges with being a new mom, both with her and changes with me, being a mom is the best thing ever.

I am a SAHM, EBF woman, and we do BLW in our home.

I majored in child development, so I am totally one of those minimAl sugar, limited tv, more traditional type moms with an authoritative parenting style. Yet, I am totally realistic and no everyone needs there doses of fun and indulgences from time to time.

My husband and I met at age 14 and 18, gasp, and we are now 24 and 29. We got our BFP 2 weeks before our wedding and were ecstatic. We are both teachers in Cali, and love our jobs!

LO is not mobile yet, we are working in it, but she can say 4 words now! Hi, yay, dada, and mama.

Now that you know my entire life history, I'll be going now. Yes, I'm very sarcastic too, lol. Looking forward to getting to know you all :)

Me: 28 | DH:32
Married: 08/04/12
DD: 4 years | Born: 03/28/13
Due Date #2: 10-14-17

Re: Hello! Intro

  • Hello, My Name is Kris

    nice to meet you and I hope that you get the information that you need I have enjoyed this 9-12 board and im new to this as well my Son was Born March 12 2013, so we are March Mommys!

    Hope you have a Great Day!

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