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Glass of wine while BFing

Ok so I really want 1 glass of wine. I have read online that if you drink a glass of wine, wait 2hrs to feed. Do I need to pump or should it be ok after 2 hours. I have some milk in the freezer if she gets hungry for those 2 hours. Im just not sure if I need to pump. WDYT?

Re: Glass of wine while BFing

  • The nurses in both my childbirth class and breastfeeding class all said a single glass of wine before - or even during - breastfeeding is fine. You only need to throw out breastmilk if you've been drinking more.
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  • If you have one normal sized glass of wine (usually 4-5 oz) your body will process it in about an hour, so if you have a glass of wine and feed her two hours later, you'll be ok. 

    My best friend who just had a baby will routinely (like, 3x/week) drink one beer a night WHILE BFing her son.  Her doctor told her that it was perfectly ok and even though it looks a bit, well, redneck, he's fine and growing like a weed.

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  • I think one glass is ok. I do know they make test strips you can use to see if your milk has too much alcohol (not sure where to get them though, my college roommate has them).
  • Ok thanks, Thats what I figured, I just feel really guilty about it for some reason. But I really would love a glass with my pizza thats coming Big Smile

  • Drink it and enjoy it.  The only time I've pumped and dumped are the times I've had more than 2 glasses, or pumped immediately after drinking.  I had a beer earlier tonight w/ dinner, and I'm pumping now--I won't throw it out.  But Monday when we went out for our anniv., I had lots to drink...I dumped it all.  :(
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  • Only issue is a normal glass of wine is 4 oz.  When I pour, it's more like 8oz in each glass. 
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