2nd Trimester

What are you happy about for 2009?

The things that I am looking forward to:

The birth of our son!

Graduating college

and hopefully buying our first house.

Re: What are you happy about for 2009?

  • ditto on the baby!   and its one more year I'm closer to moving back to Alaska or Oregon
    • Baby!
    • Buying a house late fall-ish
    • Being a SAHM
    • Our 1 year anniversary
    • Wearing normal pants!
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  • The Baby :)

    Our 1 Year Anniversary

    And hopefully some warmer temps :-P 

  • Baby (of course)

    Making our new house ours - we're still unpacking and living out of boxes is less than fun.

    My BFFs moving back this way from Pittsburgh - they're moving "only" 2 hours away instead of the 9 hours away they are now - at least we'll be able to gtg more often now or meet half way for lunch.

    My friends getting married and my BIL getting married

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