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My current OB is in Harrisburg and with my first i delivered at Harrisburg Hospital and I had a great experience there. Now I am living in Lancaster and looking for an OB that is a little closer. If you can give me recommendations I would greatly appreciate it. Also if any one has had any experience delivering at Woman and Babies I would like to know if it is a good place to deliver. Thanks!
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Re: Lancaster Area OB and Woman and Babies Hospital

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    I switched OB practices halfway through - I used OBGYN of Lanc for the first half and MayGrant for the remainder of my first pregnancy.  I very much enjoyed both practices.  My decision to switch was based on hospitals -- I preferred to deliver at Womens and Babies (whereas OBGYN of Lanc delivered at Heart of Lanc).

    I visit the May Grant offices on Good Drive and use the midwife services.  I see a different midwife each time, which I'm ok with.  Some women prefer the familiarity with one face - but I've found each midwife to be pleasant.  Some I prefer over others, but I'm happy at the end of each appointment.  

    My delivery experience was extremely pleasant at Women's and Babies.  Again, whichever midwife was on call came to my delivery - I don't think I had ever met her before my delivery.  That really turns some people off, it didn't matter to me.  

    Best of luck with your pregnancy!  Any follow up questions, ask away.  
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    I used ob/gyn of Lancaster and delivered at Heart of Lanc in October and had an awesome experience! 
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    missgpsu said: I go to Eichenlaub/May (different than the May in May/Grant) and LOVE them.  I also have a wonderful experience at Woman's and Babies.  My baby ended up in distress at birth and they had people in there quickly and the NICU was excellent.  It is a very well run hospital and on a side note, the food was great too.

    The food really 
    WAS great.  OP - Order as much as you're allowed.  Your significant other will thank you.  
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    I was going to May-Grant but switched to Dr. Eichenlaub and am so glad I did. It's a smaller practice so you're able to get to know exactly who will deliver your baby. Dr E also spends a lot of time with you at each visit and I always feel like I have his undivided attention. By far the best OB/GYN I've ever had.

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    I went to May Grant for my first pregnancy and didn't have many complaints during my pregnancy, but their billing department is not the greatest.  They make it so confusing.  Plus I just felt like "another patient", being shuffled in and out of the office. 

    I delivered at Women's and Babies and it is an excellent hospital.  The staff were all very nice and accomodating.  I had my epidural in no time when I asked for it and the rooms are nice and cozy. 

    I am now pregnant with #2 and have switched to Women's Physicians of Lancaster (in same building as May Grant, just upstairs) and Love them!  Only 5 doctors in the practice, so I will know each one by the time I deliver and they are were upfront about their billing and setting up a payment plan.  There was no pressure! 

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    Using May grant for the 3rd time! No complaints and actually thinking the practice has gotten better (they've added on more staff so almost never waiting for my appt)... I don't mind seeing a different provider each visit because unless you're being induced you don't really know who is going going to deliver anyway. Woman's and babies is great. Nice staff and yes the food is awesome!
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    I go to Lancaster Physicians for Women and love all of the doctors there!  It's a small practice (5 drs) and they make sure you meet them all before delivery so you are comfortable with whoever is on call.  I will be delivering at W&B's but this is my first so no experience personally.
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    +1 for May Grant


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    I have used May Grant for all of my children- they deliver at Women's and Babies. I have been nothing but happy with my experience with both. I have a pattern of  high risk pregnancies, and going to Women's and Babies during unexpected "blips" in my pregnancy felt more assuring than I would think going to a normal ER is For example, there were a few times that May Grant made me go in with some emergencies and the Triage knew I was coming and had me go right over to registration and got me back to a room so I didn't need to sit in the waiting room crying.

     I know some people do not like that you get shifted between midwives with every visit, but I always felt like I still got personal care whether it was the first time or 10th time I met with someone.

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