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What to do when on bedrest?

Hello Ladies,
I am 23 +2 weeks prego. This is my first baby! I have been trying to get pregnant for almost 4 years. When I was 21 weeks and 4 days pregnant my water broke. I was dialated 3 cm. Later that night the doctor came in to check on everything and my cervixs was closed! I am now on bed rest until baby is born. I am not due until April 13. 2014. I have a feeling that we will be having our son in February when I am 32 weeks. I am going stir crazy and cannot find much to do while on bed rest. I am not allowed to clean or go anywhere but I can sit on the couch and be with my family (which helps at times). I have tried not to drive anyone to crazy but I am thinking I am driving everyone crazy!!! I actually will be heading back to the hospital soon, my doctor has a feeling that they will be addmitting me tomorrow so we can start the staroids and make sure my son's lungs start developing like they should be. Am I the only one who has ever been through this? Please help me out. I am looking for some one to talk to and help me through this rough time.

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  • Thank you. I am going to start working on my sons baby book. I try so hard to stay busy but there is not much to do when every one is gone. I hope things go well for you!!
  • Sorry your on bedrest, I have been there and graduated from it, you might go stir crazy at first but it's do able. I was placed on bedrest from 21-34wks due to weak cercalge. I wasn't even allowed to sit, laying reclined only. I learned to crochet, I caught up on shows, researched baby items, planned baby shower, online shopping, texted, the bump and baby center forums. The first few wks are hard but you learn to make it your new normal. I ended up having a elective c/s at 39.2wks and guess what I would do it all over again. Best of luck. Join the bedrest check in. Those ladies are amazing and helped me a lot.
  • One thing I love to do is digital scrapbooking. If you have lots of pics of you & DH you can put a book together on shutterly.
  • There's a daily bedrest checkin you can feel free to post in. Its been great support for me.
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  • I had 3 months of bed rest (home, not hospital) and made it to 37 weeks. 

    Visitors, chatting with others here, Pinterest, online games, catching up on movies/TV shows, crosswords, crocheting, embroidery, online shopping, reading, phoning friends I hadn't talked to in a while...that's what I spent the time doing. I had a lot of friends and family volunteer to come keep me company and watch DD (she was then 18 months) so I wouldn't feel like I had to chase her around while DH was working. 
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  • I am no longer on Bed rest I gave birth to my son Easton Lee yesterday at 2:47pm. Hes in the NICU for the next few months. We have a very long journey ahead of us.
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  • Congrats@bjc. Strength and well wishes for your family and your baby's journey home.
  • I was 23w 3days I was on bed rest because my water broke at 21w and 4days
  • Easton is stable for his "age" i miss him like crazy today but call and check on him often. I hope to go see him tomorrow.
  • I'm so sorry you're going through this. I was in bed rest from 28 to 35 weeks and it was not fun. If you like to read and have a kindle/ipad or something of the kind, it will really help pass the time. I was able to work from home after the second week and also spent a lot of time doing online shopping for the holidays and for the baby. Also, on weekends I watched lots of movies in the ipad. if you have netflix or amazon prime, there are lots of options. Good luck mama! It's stressful but you will get through this! Sending you positive vibes
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  • Thank you, I actually had my little one on the 18th so no longer on bed rest. but i get to sit and watch my lil one grow in the NICU!!!!
  • How is he doing? Any idea when you'll be able to take him home?
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