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I have a nasty question.

Has anyone ever had an infected belly button? Embarrassed  I think mine might be.

Re: I have a nasty question.

  • No, thank goodness! BUT I had my belly ring torn almost all the way out.  That was pretty awesome!  Do you have any saline or make some salt water and put that on it.
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  • my belly button ring was kinda "weepy" for a while
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  • Yes, I did.  I agree with PP and got some saline in there.  Flush it out really good and keep doing it.
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  • I have not - but when in doubt, a tube of Neosporin usually does the trick :)
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  • Did you pick at it? I got on an obsessive belly button cleaning kick once, and things got very red, but I stopped just short of injuring it.
  • Maybe try neosporin like the pp suggested or some rubbing alcohol/hydrogen peroxide.
  • No ring...I think it's infected inside my belly button.

    About a week ago, I noticed that there was more "belly button lint" in there than normal.  So I kinda picked it out & it got a little red, so I stopped.  There was this awful smell in it.  So I put some hydrogen peroxide & neosporin on it.  The next day, it was kinda weepy & really smelly.  So I did the hydrogen peroxide thing again.  It cleared up.

    Fast forward to tonight, when I realize it's kinda...crusty-ish.  So I kinda pick that out and it smells.

    I TOLD YOU THIS WAS SICK!!!!  So embaressed.  But I need to know.

  • I have no idea blair. I'd probably try filling it with neosporin and putting a bandaid on for a couple days. GL!
  • wow... keep it clean and dry.  If it was me I would probably want to play with it too. Embarrassed fight the urge. 

    Keep it clean, dry, and hands off, fingers are full of germs. 

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  • I would continue to irrigate with some warm, soapy water twice a day, pat it dry and put some antibiotic ointment on it.  You don't need really need peroxide (we NEVER use it in the hospital on patients, it actually breaks down the tissue that is starting to heal).  If you develop a fever or if your belly starts getting red or hot to the touch around the belly button, call your doctor, the infection could be getting worse.  Otherwise it should clear up in a few days, it sounds like a little localized skin infection (kind of like getting a splinter and have it fester) and your body's own immune system will do most of the work.
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  • mine was infected after i pierced it. put salt in a cup of hot water and hold it over your belly button for a minute. i did this a few times a day and it worked, also dont touch it alot. the person who pierced it recommended i do that. hope it feels better!
  • I used to get this often if I wore a belt...wierd I know because I am allergic to silver (well silver that has nickel in it) and the belt would ride above my jeans when I sat down.

    The best advice I can give you is the same as others have said...keep it clean with peroxide and put some neosporin in there and try not to pick at it.

    I hope it gets better soon

  • my belly ring area was infected for 6 months when i first got it about 9 years was just around the piercing hole though...i used salt water and it helped...the reason it got that way was because i used alcohol and neosporin. which you arent supposed to do apparently..

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  • I've gotten the same thing in the past. Usually cleaning it a few time a day and then keeping it dry does the trick. Good luck. Oh, and I know what you mean about being an AWFUL smell.?
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