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Just curious.. Anyone else bartending while pregnant?

I only work day bar and I'm switching careers after baby. In the meantime I'm working behind the bar at a local organic crunchy type restaurant (I've been here 6 years since we opened). There's another pregnant girl who works day bar too, and on Saturdays we work together. We get the same comments all the time (do you have to be pregnant to work here? Harhar)
Definitely don't miss the drinks, wasn't a big drinker before getting pregnant. I can't stand getting vodka spilled on me.. Barf!!
Sorta miss Irish coffees on snow days but that's it.
It's all day on my feet, any other mommas in the same boat? Any good stories?

Re: Just curious.. Anyone else bartending while pregnant?

  • Also.. We change our craft beers weekly/biweekly and people are always asking me if they're good and I'm just like... Couldn't tell ya. Obviously.
  • But... Isn't that kind of part of your job to be able to describe the beers to people? I know it's always controversial on here about how much alcohol is ok to drink, but I can't believe that having a SIP of beer once a week to be able to tell people about it could hurt!
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  • I've been bartending at the same place for almost 13 years now. I work the daylight shift also, but I work by myself 9 hours a day 5 days a week. There is no one else there to wait on tables either, just cooks. I love the dirty looks I get from the snobby people for me being a "knocked up bartender". We have monthly drink specials and I get asked which one is the best, really you can 100% tell I'm prego I have no clue how the drink with 3 different liquors in it taste like. I've had people tell me I shouldn't be working there, so I guess I should quit my job and collect welfare??? You definitely hear it ALL working in a bar
  • Do you work at Nola? I used to do "real" bar tending but now I work part-time at a local Legion. I get the same old, grumpy men commenting on how big I'm getting. It's annoying as hell.
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  • @Momstheword83 yep I work at Nola.. 6 years and counting! Don't you love hearing how big you are, or that it could be twins??
    @lalaith50 I can describe them all day, but like I said.. Can't tell them if they're "good" or not. I haven't had a sip... The smell doesn't agree with me... I rely on my coworkers! Telling them I'm pregnant and haven't tried them has never not worked in my favor anyway ;)
  • I bartend 1 day shift and 1 night shift, they don't let me do anything! I can't get ice, get on the step stool, bring in beer, can't change or get kegs, basically just clean and serve drinks, it's very nice how well they have treated me, told me to work until I can, and my job will be waiting for me when I can get back, but my husband on the other hand... He would like me to give it up. Nobody gives me rude remarks and they all say I'm happy for you and ask how I'm doing because I look great, I tell them I look great bc this job keeps me active, in not gonna become a couch potatoe bc everyone thinks I should. Keep on bartending and put those feet up when u get home and our partners new to keep rubbing the feet :)
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