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Belly: Sometimes round, sometimes not?


Does anyone else's belly do this?

I'm 3.5 months along and some days I have a slightly round paunch, mostly at night. Other days, it just looks like I need to do some sits ups, and there's no roundness at all.

This is my first. Any insight?

Re: Belly: Sometimes round, sometimes not?

  • Could it still be bloat? Later on, it may be the baby's positioning, but I doubt that is the reason this early.
  • Don't know what it is, but my belly will be really lopsided sometimes.


    Maybe the baby is picking different spots to hang out?

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  • If you're super skinny, it could have something to do with baby's position. If not, it's probably more likely to be bloat than baby, since it's not very big right now.
  • This happened to me, its cause your bloated at night, and eventually ur belly will all fill out. i was like 20 weeks when that happened


    Thanks for the insight! I'm 5'6 and was very active running and working out before I found out I was preg. I've heard that the abdominal wall takes a while to push out, especially with the first one.


  • For the last week when I lay on my back... my belly is lopsided too. ?I think both babies are hanging out a little to my right side. ?Pretty funny lol.
  • Ditto PP

    I think its just things moving around during the day...plus maybe a fuller stomache at night than in the morning... things like that.

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