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4 month growth spurt- UGH!

Scuse me while I vent.  Granted he slept a ton yesterday thanks to this growth spurt and his shots in the AM, but good grief child!!!  Can your little stomach really hold all of that????  DS has now eaten 40 OUNCES of EBM today.  I'm going to have to dip into my freezer stash if he wants any more tonight... I usually produce 30 ozs/day by EPing, and I've been pumping like crazy the last few days and gotten 34 ozs or so because I know he's been hungrier lately, but sheesh!!! 

OK.. it'll be alright, especially if I can maintain the 34 ounces once it's all over. 

Re: 4 month growth spurt- UGH!

  • I admire you guys who EP. It is hard enough just being at work and pumping part time and knowing that some days I may fall short of what she wants while I'm away. At least the rest of the day I don't know how much she's really taking from me. I'm sure DD has had days where she consumed 40oz, but thank god I'll never know for sure :)
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