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A toast to the women of TTCAL

I wanted to wish you all a very happy and safe New Year's Eve. I know that 2008 has been very difficult for all of us, but 2009 brings new opportunities and I know we will all have a better year.

Cheers to you all, I appreciate your support and look forward to a fun 2009 on the TTCAL board.




Re: A toast to the women of TTCAL

  • Happy New Year to you as well Erin!
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  • I'll drink to that!
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  • I was going to make a similar post - 2008 has been the worst year of my life including (but not limited to) the m/c to start it off last January, followed 2 weeks later by being robbed at gunpoint with my sister and mother in Nashville, having my house broken into and robbed in June, and finding out my beloved horse that I sold to TTC has a permanent injury that will not only mean he can never show again, but will live with limited capabilities for the rest of his life. Yep, 2008 has sucked the big one and I cannot WAIT for midnight when a new year starts!!!! But I wouldn't have made it through this awful year without all the girls on this board, so thank you everyone and I sincerely hope that we're all in for a great 2009 and a move over to SAL in the near future! Cheers! Drinks  Happy New Year!! Party!!!
  • Happy New Year to you too, Erin!
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  • Happy New Year to you as well  -

    For tonight, be good or be good at it!

    I wish you a successful 2009 :)

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  • Cheers to you!  Happy New Year!
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  • Cheers! Happy New Year to you also!
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