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Craziest place you ever DTD

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Inspired by @sgautschi! Where's the craziest, most adventurous place you ever got down and dirty?

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Re: Craziest place you ever DTD

  • Haha glad I could be an inspiration. Lol ;)

    For those who didn't read it in the other thread, it was in DHs parents driveway, on the pavement, completely nude. Lol

    EMLYNNLERETTE[Deleted User]
  • An unused, unlocked lookout tower.
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    sgautschi[Deleted User]
  • In a conservation area, just off the walking trail.
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    EMLYNNLERETTEsgautschi[Deleted User]
  • In the dunes at the lake just off the boardwalk
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    sgautschi[Deleted User]
  • I have quite a few but I want to say the movie theater was the most dangerous. Just so many opportunities to get caught!
    sgautschi[Deleted User]
  • I have a few, but the one that sticks out is our front porch. Haha still wonder if the neighbors saw!
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  • In the 'family' locker room showers at the gym (private shower rooms inside the locker room), on the side of a trail in a campground, on the side of a ski run (with our snowboards still attached, lol). And we used to sneak over to our house as it was being built and christened the basement and our bedroom quite a few times. That was fun :)
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    [Deleted User]sgautschiblonde151188
  • ocnfish4ocnfish4 member
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    In the public pool at a family campground. Or in each of our respective childhood bedrooms while our parents were I'm the house.
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  • Hmm I have a couple. Outside a random brownstones steps (in NYC there are these apartments that are below street level). In the public stairway on the way up to my first floor apartment. In a janitors closet in college. In a bathroom at a bar. In my hubby's car outside a church parking lot the first time he took me home to meet his family during thanksgiving.
  • In a forest on the side of a mountain. I got some pretty uncomfortable mosquito bites...

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    sgautschijanelleashu[Deleted User]
  • I'm naughty... In the middle of the road at night with a blanket laid out. (It was a long road so we would see a car coming and not get hit.) On DHs lap while he was driving (not safe, bad idea.) Also on a public trail that isn't exactly off the beaten path. To name a few. ;)
  • Haha some of you ladies are crazy! Lol :)

  • @kimberlymacrae I hope they were also screeching like in the opening sequence to the Colbert Report.

    S13 has some sassy ladies! Love it.

    I've gotten it on in the middle of the road and in my university's library.
    kimberlymacraehappybride 276sgautschiHisChamaoleGirl
  • MIL's living room while everyone was in the next room over, in the dark behind a park shelter, near a jogging trail while fishing, in the car in front of MIL's house. Those are the only ones that come to mind
  • Ooh I'll play. We were high school sweethearts and did it many a times on the living room floor of both parents house. Probably the craziest is on a family vacation when we were sharing a pull out couch bed with Dhs sister (13 at the time). She slept through the whole thing. We also dtd in the car at cal poly Pomona while dh was traveling for a baseball game. Oh and we also did it in a hotel room shared by Dhs dad. Apparently we were too loud and he mentioned it to dh the next day.
    Writing this out makes me realize how we haven't been spontaneous is a long time.

  • During my high school graduation party in my bedroom while everyone was downstairs.
    In the projection booth at the movie theatre- H worked there for a few years
  • Professors office.
    With your professor ??  :-)
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  • In our swimming pool...not incredibly adventurous, but it was fun. I think I'm like the only person who hasn't done it in a car. Gotta check that one off the list, huh?
  • NicknShan said:

    Professors office.

    With your professor ??  :-)

    :D No! Oops I should have clarified... I went to a very strict bible college and opposite genders were not allowed in the others dorm so my BF at the time and I had to be creative and we found an unlocked office! It was very risky if we would have been caught we both would have been kicked out of school!!
  • A few of you ladies should expect coal in your stalking this year ;)

    We did it on the balcony of our old apartment complex. We also did it in the car in the mall parking lot. As soon as we finished, a cop came and knocked on the window (it was dark outside) and asked what we were doing. We told him we were just talking, but considering the fact that the windows were completely fogged up, I don't think he bought it!
  • Outside next to a random warehouse on the side of the road. On the beach. In the car while DHs friend ran inside a store to exchange something. Oh the good ole days.
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  • edited December 2013
    In DH's work office. We worked together and weren't married yet.

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  • No judging! On a play gym at an elementary school, in a church parking lot, on a sky lift at a theme park in broad daylight, on a picnic table at a public park during the day, in a room full of people at a few parties. Oh jeez, to be so young and free again..

  • In his office in the middle of a busy warehouse. On the apartment balcony at night.
  • In the bed of a pickup truck (with no cap) as it was being driven by a friend back to my boyfriend's house. That was in college and with alcohol involved.
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  • @kimberlymacrae I hope they were also screeching like in the opening sequence to the Colbert Report. S13 has some sassy ladies! Love it. I've gotten it on in the middle of the road and in my university's library.



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  • On my in laws kitchen table ( prior to being married) :)
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