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Is anyone considering cutting their hair because baby is coming? Everyone keeps asking me when am I cutting my hair...

Re: Hair!

  • My hairdresser (my neighbor and basically best friend) keeps bugging me about when I'm chopping mine off and getting a mommy do. I think I'm just gonna let my hair thrive on the prenatals and just try and let it grow. After the baby is born I might go crazy and shave it (<3 Britney ha) but for now my hair is staying.
  • I would give anything for mine to grow!  I cut mine a year ago yesterday, and it's grown approx. ONE inch since then.  my hair is SO freaking thick it grows out instead of length-wise and it's irritating not being able to put it up, and it takes too long to do.

    I'm thinking about dying it, though, because the color is getting boring.:)

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  • Negative. I do not need a "mommy do", I love that I can pull my hair into a ponytail when I want to - that is what my mommy do will be!
  • i cut mine, but only because i was sick of it and it wasn't a lot. i wanted a new do. but i did color it closer to my natural color so i dont have to get it done all the time and have that extra expense when i really don't need it.

    the pregnancy po po might get me for dying my hair.. haha.

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  • Im a hairstylist and i refuse to get the "mom cut", for me its easier to throw hair up.
  • I'm letting mine grow longer and longer instead of chopping it off. I asked a couple of hair cuts ago about going shorter and my hairdresser said absolutely not. She didn't want any part of a hormonal pregnancy cut, lol.
  • Ditto on the ponytail being my mommy do.
  • quite the opposite   I have VERY naturaly curly hair and it takes me an hour and half to straighten it     so im growing out mine so i can product it and go.
  • I'm growing mine out. I think it's silly that people assume you have to get your hair cut just because you are going to have a kid. In fact, I think I am growing mine out partially to spite these people.

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