Talked to another agency today

I know, yet another post. But hey, I'm excited.

DH and I talked to a second agency we were interested in. I was thrilled, since he did all the talking, and he is SO not a talker. The woman we spoke with said we sounded really prepared. I think at the beginning of the call she just thought we were some random couple who had no idea what we were doing, calling around to see who answered the phone.

So now we mull over the pros and cons of the 2 agencies we spoke with, hope our rental sells soon so we can afford to adopt, and wait to get the ball rolling.

What a nice way to end 2008!

Re: Talked to another agency today

  • yay - so glad your hubby is coming around
  • Awesome!!!
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  • Fantastic news!!
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  • Thats fantastic news!  My DH really got on board once we started actually talking to agencies as well.  I think it helped him feel "grounded" to the process and really lit a fire under him.  Good luck with the sale of the rental so you can move forward!  Good things in 2009!
  • congrats!  i recall being at that point and I was super excited.

  • I love reading your updates!  This is great - especially about your DH being vocal.  YAY!
  • Congrats! I have been more of a lurker here, I post rarely but I have been keeping up with your posts and progress. After meeting with a few agencies my husband got more involved too. How many more agencies are you going to meet with? Keep us posted, I know you will! Big Smile
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  • That is great news. ?Congrats!

    We meet with our second agency in a couple of weeks and are hoping to finalize a decision in Feb, but also have a second property we need to sell. ?Isn't is so frustrating that it is yet another obstacle? ?I hope that goes quickly for you.?

  • Yea for you!!

    I remember how great it felt when I realized my DH was really getting into it!
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