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Has anyone done or planning on doing a water birth? I'm 6 wks pregnant and looking into it, I'm not planning on doing it at home. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendation or has done any research. I live in Bloomington and have looked into Abbott Northwestern "The Mother Baby Center". Any thoughts, feedback or recommendations would be helpful. Thank you :)

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  • The U of M offers water births as well. I used the Fairview Midwives and was exceptionally happy with my experience. I have numerous friends who have done water births and been very happy. 
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  • The Healtheast system hospitals offer waterbirth- St. Joe's, St. John's, and Woodwinds.  I delivered at Woodwinds with the hopes of a waterbirth but there was meconium in my fluid and the kiddo was sunny-side up so I wasn't able to. 
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  • Fairview Southdale has some rooms with birthing tubs in the room.
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  • I had a water birth at St. Joseph's for my first and hope to do it again. It still hurts like hell to give birth, but the ability to move around is good and its nice to be able to float between contractions. 
  • Thanks everyone! All of the recommendations were very helpful.

     I didn't know Fairview Southdale Hospital had rooms that offered it. My current Dr. is at Fairview Southdale OBGYN in Burnsville and delivers out of Ridges (and they don't offer it there). Good to know.


    Thanks again!

  • I don't think Fairview Southdale offers waterbirths. Unless it's something really new. They have tubs to labor in, but I don't think they allow you to actually birth in them. I recently had a really great water birth experience at St. Francis in Shakopee.
  • I had a water birth at the Mother Baby Center and loved it.  The tubs there are nice and big and it was a great experience to actually give birth in the water.  
  • Would highly recommend methodist and their water birth center it is brand new. I didnt get my waterbirth because i had premature labor and delivery at 33 weeks but the midwife stayed with me through delivery even after they had to give me to the obs
  • I go to North Metro Midwives in Plymouth and will be delivering my first baby at the Mother Baby Center. I'm due Jan 27th and plan on having a water birth.
  • I was set to do a water birth at Regions Hospital in St. Paul. My baby was born so fast they didn't have time to fill the tub, but it was still a great hospital experience with excellent care.
  • I had an amazing water birth at the new family birth center at Methodist with the midwife group. The tubs are huge and the support was wonderful. Highly recommend!
  • I used the midwives at Methodist and had a water birth there in August. The new rooms are great and the tub is huge. I was only in there for 6 minutes but it was so worth it.
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  • Fairview Ridges doesn't have an on staff OB. They are all on call which can be problematic if you are progressing more rapidly than expected or if you have sudden complications. Just something g to consider. My PCP recommended not going there partly for that reason. I have been working with HP east side midwives (Eagan/St. Paul) and have been super happy! I will deliver at Regions which does have a water birth option.
  • I'm guessing you're closer to the south metro, but I had a water birth just this past December at Unity in Fridley - it was an amazing experience and I wouldn't have had it any other way!
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  • I'm doing water birth at the birth center at St Francis in Shakopee with a midwife- they are all so amazing and the tub looks really nice and big like a spa.. they have candles and everything to make it soothing and relaxing. Check it out!
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