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Stupid cervix...

Seems to be the only thing standing in the way of a baby! At my appt earlier I was 50% effaced and baby was at -2, but stupid cervix was still closed up tight. BUT...because they detected the possibility of echogenic bowel at 20 weeks (which has since been cleared 3x btw) and we're doing weekly NST monitoring and my practices policy is to induce monitored mamas on their due date...I'm scheduled for a Monday morning induction! Due this weekend but since it isn't an emergency they don't induce on weekends. SO excited we'll be meeting our little girl no later than next Tuesday!!! T&P that in the four days leading up to induction she comes on her own though...pitocin stories freak me out! :)

Oh and since my midwife recommends getting as much rest as possible, she also agreed making today my last day at work was a good idea ;)
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Re: Stupid cervix...

  • My cervix is being stupid like that too! Good luck between now and Tuesday!
  • Good luck! Sorry your cervix isn't cooperating :S
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  • A Love Tit for the induction :-D and for the last day of work!!! Yay!!! 
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  • I think effacement means more than dilation as far as how ready your body is, esp for FTM.  Hope the induction goes smoothly.  I had a good experience with pitocin with my first, though that was combined with a good experience with an epidural :)
  • Sorry your cervix isn't cooperating. It's super frustrating. I'm been fully effaced and at a +2 for two weeks now, but have been stuck at 2cm. The fact that I've had contractions that are 8 minutes apart for these 2 weeks isn't helping either. We can cry together.
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    Yeah mine is stupid too. Baby is so high there is absolutely no dilation or effacement happening. Doc doesn't think an induction will work, so we opted for the c-section tomorrow morning. Hope we made the right choice. =-/

    ETA: Good luck!!!!
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  • You and your cervix need to have a chat. Just explain the situation, I'm sure it will open up!

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  • I'm with you. Cervix is only 1 cm, although I'm soft. Baby also was more engaged last week than he was this morning. Lovely.

    Good luck with your induction! I'll be induced Tuesday if this baby doesn't come on his own.
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