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Another L&D scare..I'm home now (long)

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Some of you might remember that I'm considered high risk because of my age. I'm also high risk because I had surgery on my septum. So, Pretty much from the day of my BFP, I Have had appt with my MFM doc for an A/S every 2 weeks. This morning was my standard bi-weekly appt for measuring of LO and measuring if cervical length. During my last appt, the baby decided to go breech as soon as I left the car, so they were unable to get any measurements but this time I was told he's looking good, a little above average with regards to size/weight. Ok, no biggie. Then comes the transvaginal U/S for cervix measurement. After a few minutes of silence I learn that it's shortened to 2.3 cm. she asks if I've been having contractions and I said I don't believe so (I'm a FTM), but there has been some short pulsing in my lower abdomen that I was planning on asking you about. She says I want to send you over to L&D so they can monitor you to see if they're contractions. I go there and they hook me up to various machines and of course I'm scared to death. I'm sending text messages to DH about what's going on (and crying while googling). He ends up coming to hospital and three hours later they tell me the good news. While I'm dilated 1cm, they do not believe the pulsating feelings that I'm having are contractions. They want me to step up my MFM appt to once a week and stop taking my daily 1.5 mile walks. They didn't put me on bed rest, and I was actually told that current studies show that there's no benefit to bed rest in instances like these, in fact the up said it has been shown to cause more harm this early. They also put me on progesterone suppositories for 30 days and gave me steroid shots to mature the baby's lungs faster in case I end up delivering early. The doctor told me my next milestone is 32 weeks (6weeks). So please send positive vibes/thoughts/prayers that little one stays in there for a while longer. ETA: this is an old pic from 22 weeks.


Re: Another L&D scare..I'm home now (long)

  • Ts and Ps for you and LO to stay in place for a while longer!

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  • Lots of good thoughts your way that baby stay until 32weeks and longer!
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  • That sounds so hard, I'm glad that you don't have to do bedrest, and it sound like you have excellent care team! Fingers crossed you'll hold steady for at least 6 weeks :)

  • Thanks ladies. I didn't realize how stressful this would be. :(

  • Thoughts and prayers.
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  • lots of good thoughts coming your way! make sure you take it easy mama and get lots of rest so that baby can cook for as long as possible :) glad to see you only have 6 more weeks to go before you hit that 32 mark. I'm sure you can make it! hang in there.

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  • FWIW, I've also read quite a bit of new research that shows bedrest is not the best and that progesterone shows promising results.  I searched for peer reviewed articles that were at least as recent as 2010 and found a handful of good ones.  Hopefully you are going to be okay until your next milestone.  Do you have a job where you can stay off your feet often?  Try to do so if you can!  I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!


  • Sad you're going through this, but glad you're being so well monitored and treated (progesterone and steroid shots FTW).  My fingers are crossed your LO stays put for the duration.
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  • FX baby stays put!!
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  • Sending T & P you and your LO's way!

  • Happy thoughts your way.
  • I agree step away for the google! I am sending prayers your way for at least 6 more weeks of pregnancy! Grow, baby, grow!

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  • @lindsey1031 - yes. I trust these docs but it also feels good to know that there's research out there. @benevolenceforce, @totaldollforever, @larenann89 and @woodshopgirl - thank you. @laura8388 - I know, I know, but I was by myself waiting for hubby and nurse/doctors to cone in and I couldn't post on TB, so I googled. Bad! I will now tack on "success" at the end of my search terms. :D ;) :)

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  • ndpoolendpoole
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    I agree step away for the google! . I am sending prayers your way for at least 6 more weeks of pregnancy! Grow, baby, grow!

    Thanks! I will try very hard or at the very least add success to the end of my search terms. ETA for quote fail.

  • Thank you for sharing. I am feeling a lot better than I was earlier today. I also need to learn how to mobile bump though my iPhone. :-?

  • Aaaah! Thanks!

  • Thoughts and prayers for you and LO
  • Sending positive vibes your way. I know that had to be very scary.

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