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Christmas Gift for daycare provider?

I know inhome daycare is the weekly rate as a Christmas bonus/gift. My question is what if your child is in a center? Do I take the 200 weekly rate and divide it by all the teachers or just focus on the main two? Or just do something little for ALL teachers. How do you handle this?

Re: Christmas Gift for daycare provider?

  • I used to work I a center, most families gave a gift card, or an edible gift. Some families would order pizza or bring in bagels for all the staff. If you bring in something for the whole staff let the director know ahead of time so that there aren't other families bringing the same meal the same day.

    When I received gift cards, that ranged between $5 and $100, but were usually for $20/$25.
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  • I think $20-25 is great. I would give that to all the "main" teachers. (Teacher and asst. teacher, for example). I would have given more, but DS attended two preschools and we had like 10 teachers and therapists to give to.
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  • Thanks for the feedback. We ended up doing $100 cash to her main two teachers and then banana bread for all the assistant teachers and copied the pizza idea for all the kids and teachers. Thank you!
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