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There is something in the water...

At the Church my husband grew up attending :) There are a TON of young married couples around our age (where at least the husband or wife, but in some cases both grew up going to this Church) expecting babies in 2009, counting the couple who gave birth to twins yesterday! So far at least 10 couples that we know of, another just announced today and I'm sure there are people we haven't heard about yet (most of the people we know about have blogs and that is how the word gets around).

Anyone else in a baby boom like this among your friends? I know we all know lots of pregnant people being on these boards and all, but its crazy how many IRL pregnant people I know as well!  I think I know close to 20 couples expecting babies total (not counting internet friends).

Re: There is something in the water...

  • yea, its like that where i am too. my matron of honor is also expecting, there are a crap load of pg ladies where i work, and my neighbor also just had her baby on christmas eve!
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  • Yes!! The same thing is happening in my church and with my freinds. I have never known so many pg or recently pg women! At least 10 women I know just had a baby or are pg. A lot of them are due at the same time as me too. There must be a boom going on.
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  • I just posted about my best friend being pregnant, too, but yeah, there are a TON of pregnant people right now.  It's crazy!
  • I know a lot of people I'm close to are trying, but not many of them are actually pg yet.  My brother and SIL just had their baby yesterday.  Most of my other friends were part of a baby boom about 2 years before I got pg.  The place I used to work had 3 babies born in a span of 5 months.  There were only 5 people working there!!!
  • Oh yes! It usually goes in waves at the fire department, with tons of people having babies at the same time. Right now, there are one me and one other person pregnant, which is surprising. I'm sure more will be popping up soon! I know of a few that are going to start trying for #2 or more soon.
  • I only know about 4 other people and 3 of them are all DH's cousins so I don't know if that exactly counts..
  • A lot of my sorority sisters are expecting now.  It's kind of fun.  One of my best friends is about 7 weeks ahead of me.
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  • My aunt once told me that more couples get pregnant in winter because there's, ahem, less to do. ;) That being said, I am the only pregnant lady I know. The youngest baby I know is almost 2.
  • I actually only know of one other pg woman in the circles I frequent - a professor at school.
  • I take back my PP...

    I also have two cousins who are pregnant but one of them is a second cousin and either way...I never see either of them. I see them once a year at the very most....so its almost like they dont count..

  • Oh yeah.  I know 10 couples (that I can think of right now) that have had babies in the last 2 mo. or are going to have a baby in the next 2-3 mo.  Crazy!

    The lady that was checking me out at BRU commented on the sudden "baby boom" in the area.  And she would know with all the pregos running around the store all the time!

  • All of my friends had kids in high school. So, other then my sil I don't personally know anyone irl that is pregnant. My cousin will be engadged soon, I'm hoping the second time around we will be pregnant at the same time!
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