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  • I have a great great friend who recently had a baby. When her family got together to through her a shower, I realized that all her cousins have 1-2 year olds. Their names are, are you ready? Caiden, Hayden, Jaidin, and Braiden!!!!!!!!

    Not brothers, they are all 2nd cousins with RHYMING FREAKIN NAMES!!!!!!! Who the hell?!?!

    My friend THANK GOODNESS, named her son James. Love it. James Alexander I believe.



    My little miracle.

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  • image AsOctoberFalls:

    1.  Surnames as first names.  HATE this trend.  Cooper, Parker, Taylor, Emerson, Preston, Jackson (or even worse, Jaxon), Morgan, etc. 

    2.  Boy's names for girls.  Ryan, Avery, Tyler, etc.  Ugh. 

    I think I posted exactly this a couple years ago when the question of shitty name trends came up on BOTB.

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  • I want to make out with this whole post.

    I also hate all versions of Caden (Kaden, Kayden, Kaiden- ew). All new "K" names. The whole ending-with-an-en/on fad (Keston, Kendon, WTF??). For some reason I also hate Riley as much as the Brayden/Aiden/Jayden crap. Teagen, Keegan, Addison, Brooklyn, Boston, Emerson...I could go on forever. The worst I have seen yet is Cohen. Do they know what that means? ::headhand::

  • I don't like anything cutesy- Riley, Hayley, Madison, Bailey.

    The couple who live across the street from my IL's have 4 girls with disgusting names. Rylie, Hailee, Sydnee, and I have blocked out that youngest's name because I cannot think of it.

  • Uggh, Connor is another one! So overused!!
  • Okay, I'm guessing this is flame free, so here goes...

    I worked with A LOT of kids when I was a nanny, so there are a few naming trends that get on my nerves.

    Here are the 4 naming trends going on in my area that drive me nuts.

    1. The -en/-on ending trend. For example: Preston, Weston, Landon, Braydon, Caden, Jaden, Jordyn, Hayden, Aiden, etc. People are causing all 4 year olds' names to rhyme. Every kid's name has the same ending. Even worse is when they try to be creative and throw a "y" in for good measure.

    2. Any name ending in -son on a girl. It typically means son of, so it sounds so strange on a girl to me. For example: Madison, Addison, Emerson, Jameson.

    3. The Grace/Rose/Claire middle name trend. At least 85% of girls under the age of 4 have either Grace, Rose, or Claire as a middle name in our area. Most of their moms claim that it is a family name. What family doesn't have a Grace, Rose, or Claire in it?

    4.  The -lyn/-ley trend. Throw -lyn or -ley on the end of a name, and you've got an instant name for your baby girl. For example: Katelyn, Gracelyn, Adelyn, Braelyn, Ashlyn, Jaelyn, Jessalyn, Kaelyn, Kristalyn, Kayley, Hayley, Ansley, Ensley, Carley, Hadley, Kenley, etc.

    Nothing is inherently wrong with the names I mentioned, it is just the fact that almost all moms around here are going with these trends.

  • Jack!

    Sorry to those that are using it.  I don't detest the name.  I detest it's popularity.  I live on a street with 10 houses and there are 5 little boys on my street named Jack.  It's insane!

  • Jeffrey & Mark


    There are others but those just..ugh...Long story.

  • Ashley, Linda, Tina, Bob, Rob, Don.....

    I really hate names that could go anyway... Sorry, but I shy from any transsexual name... Cory/i, Taylor, Pat, etc....

     and Bobby Jo for a girl or Billy Bob or any of those kind of names...

  • Wow, some of you are brutal. My son's name is Caden. At the time, we had never heard of it. Thought we were original...but found out we were wrong. When it is your first child, and first kid in fam, friends,etc, you really don't know what the so-called trends are.

     However, I LOVE my son's name and wouldn't trade it. We made sure he had a name that could have a decent nn too, Cade.

    Imo, I always felt like Elizabeth and Jacob were "filler-names" nms. However, I like Ellie and Jake as nn, just not Liz.

  • The only boy name I like is Jacob/Jake.  But it's so popular that I figured I wouldn't name a boy that, so I named my dog Jake.  I hate all other male names.  I'll be in trouble if we have boys, I'm going to have to settle for something I hate less.

    I like almost all girl names, which is interesting since I hate all boy.  I love Grace/Rose/Faith/Claire/Paige as middle names and had no idea they were popular.  My mom has 21 brothers and sisters and none of them have those names.  I hate all of their names though, Ruthie, Ethyl, Judith, Carol, Linda, Inis, etc.  Most names that have "th" and most names from the 40s and 50s.

    My name is Crystal Star, which I love, because it's unique and it stands for something. I don't like Crystal by itself, I went by Star in college and loved it. 

    I agree with not liking girl names that can't be taken seriously as a manager of a company, or a lawyer, or anything respectable.  Cute for babies, not for adults.

  • image mrs.rescue4:
    Tanner, Aiden, Aden,?Caiden, Caden, Riley, Kiley....hmm, let me keep thinking. My cousin just named his baby girl Emerson.? I don't get these names at all.? It's not a kitten or a puppy, people!? It's a human being.? Really, do people not realize that their children are eventually going to become grown aduts.? Riley, adult?? Laughable.? Sorry.

    aidan and riley are gaelic/irish names. ?personally, i like them!?

  • image Sopranos Fan:
    I really hate when celebrities name their children off the wall crap like Matthew McConahey's brother named his kid "Miller Lite".? Did he have Miller Lite while the baby was being born and thought "hey what a great name."Beer Confused

    Matthew McConahey's BROTHER is not a celebrity. You should put down the magazine a pick up a real piece of literature. ?

  • Aiden or any variation of spelling that name.

    Im a teacher and ive NEVER met a good Aiden they are all HORRIBLE!!!

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  • My only real pet peeve is people trying to come up with a "creative" spelling.  You aren't doing your kid any favors...your just making future headaches for them.
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  • I have to agree with all of you who hate "Aiden, Caden, Jaden, etc.

    Here's my top most HATED (if I could figure out how to underline that 3 times I would!) names:


    Ella, Bella, Isabella


    Caden, but I hate Kaden worse. I had never seen the spelling "Kaiden" until I read a previous post...that one takes the cake!

    Anything that ends in "ee"


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  • Matthew, Aaron, Samantha, and anything spelled with y's where they dont belong
  • Mackenzie (this name is NOT attractive), Austin, Michael (snore), Geoff (that spelling, specifically, is horrendous), Noreen.

    Bro, but look how many ants are on this trash can...
    Zach Rance 4 President

  • image mm1569:
    image mrs.rescue4:

    Jim Bob

    Along those lines, Billy Bob, Johnny Bob, Ricky Bob...substitute "Bob" for "Lee" or "Ray" it's equally heinous.

    It appears, to my great delight, that there is a redneck baby name website. Complete with confederate flag.

    My MIL actually called my DH Jim Bob until he was about 12 and refused to answer to it.  She says now that "it's all his dad's fault - he was the one who wanted Robert."  Yes, but that doesn't mean you have to turn it into some hillbilly name!


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  • I love this thread so much that I might start reading The Nest again, as I now see that there are some sane people here. 

    Anything that smacks of "MY SON IS NOT GAY!!!" You know: Stone, Thunder, Hunter, Colt ... they all just end up sounding like American Gladiators or strippers.

    Scottish surnames on girls give me hives. 

  • I agree with a lot of these with the name trends.  I HATE McKenzie--any spelling of it.  It's so not flattering for a little girl.  Also hate the new trend of boys' names for girls.  Like Hayden.  It always makes me think of that TV show Coach.  NOT a girl's name!  I also hate Micheal and Matthew for boys--not that they're really bad names, because they're not. I've just known too many guys with those names that I haven't liked!  Hmm... some others:
    Harry, Henry, Emily, Dakota, Cheyenne, Lacy, River, Summer--anything hippie sounding, Aspen--recently saw this name for a GIRL!  Cody, Corey, Corky, Matilda, Chance, Melanie, Melody, Trista, Tristen (GAG!  Does anybody know what a tryst is?) Gracie as a given name--sounds too little-girl, not going to grow up well.  Anything too cutesy that won't sound good on an adult.  I'm sure I could go on...
  • amber, heather, tiffany

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  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE this thread.  I also hate the "aden" ending names.  Gag me with a spoon.  I love the return of old names but agree that the easy ones (Grace, etc.) are over used.
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