2nd Trimester

baby kicking?

About 2 weeks ago the baby was kicking  alot and now I don't feel him as much.  Have any of you ladies experienced this?  Is this normal?

Re: baby kicking?

  • They go through phases.  I didn't feel consistent daily movement until about 2 weeks ago.  Now I feel her move alot throughout the day.  If you're worried, you can try drinking some really cold water or some OJ and lay down.  That usually kick starts things (no pun intended!)
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  • Have you tried to drink cold water and lay still for a few minutes trick???

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  • down a box of nerds and see what happens!
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  • Yup, my midwife said at this stage of the game we will feel the baby sporadically and not to worry if it isn't a daily event. She said by about 24-26 weeks most moms feel the baby moving pretty consistently :)
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  • They say movement starts being felt mostly at 24 weeks and not until 28 weeks do you have to worry about them being consistent.
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