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baby cough

10 mo old ds has a cough.. it seems like it is a dry cough but it is accompanied by snotty nose and every so often some weird breathing where he will take two breaths then hold it for almost ten seconds then do the two breaths again. Also he will have a fever that hits 101.  He could finally be teething but i don't know.  When should I call the dr?

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  • I would say to have him checked for the almost 10 seconds without breathing, that seems odd. He could just be a stuffed up, but I'm a worry wort of a mother and I would just want my son to be looked at.

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  • I agree with pp who mentioned take him in because of the breathing issues. 

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  • If he's breathing funny I would take him in. Could be a wheeze. Not to scare you but when my daughter was 2 months she had just a cough and it lasted for a good 2-3 weeks. The day I called the doctor she started wheezing and she was diagnosed with RSV. We were too late for the breathing treatments and it was straight to the hospital for us.
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